We Shop: YOU Footwear…


What do you know about Italy apart from it looking like a boot? Nothing?! I know nothing about Italy either. However, when it comes to matters of #menswear I know quite a bit of this beautiful boot shaped country. First, Italian men are some of the best sartorial geniuses out there. Second, they invented the word sprezzatura. Third and final point, Italian shoes are some of the best crafted/made shoes in the world. If there is something Italians know best are shoes, and YOU Footwear is no exception.

While I was at the (capsule) menswear tradeshow I had the opportunity to speak to the owner/designer of the YOU Footwear brand which is based out of Italy and is only sold there. The attention to details, design, and materials used for their shoes makes even me feel like a fool. If a shoe features camo, you better believe it came from actual army jackets cut up specifically for the shoe. If the shoe features some tribal print textile, you better believe they searched the whole world for original Mayan blankets and used it on the shoe. Mayans may not have been the best calendar makers there ever was, but their blankets are sure useful.


If you’re looking to purchase YOU Footwear’s beautiful and high quality Italian shoes you can expect to pay a pretty penny along with a kidney and a lung. Another option is to put them on hold for three years and three days in order to save up every penny you make to afford them. IDGAF about money when it comes to quality clothing/shoes…so the things I am considering doing to raise money for these shoes…actually, it’s best I keep that information to myself. The things I do for clothing/shoes…

Check out their website HERE!

Buy their shoes at LUISAVIAROMA…HERE and HERE!



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