About The Blog

Michael Tornato and Dominique Renrick started Dapper And Dope (D.A.D) in 2013 in an attempt to educate young men fools on the importance of quality menswear clothing/brands and dressing well on the daily.

Why the name Dapper And Dope?

There is a distinct difference between both words and both descriptions of a mans style. Dapper refers to a man that dresses in a neat and smart way while Dope is an urban word used to describe someone or something that is “cool”. While we would like to mainly concentrate on mens suiting and tailoring, we feel like it would be completely ignorant to ignore the more casual side of menswear. Nowadays men tend to mix beautifully tailored suits with hints of street wear. Thus, the name Dapper And Dope…a menswear site that blends both extremes of mens fashion.


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